When Planning a Special Event, Don’t Forget that Party Bus!

Reserve a party bus to take your group to many fun places!

Things to consider when looking for that Party Bus.

  1. Find that Legal and Reputable Company – You need, both, when working with this type of safety sensitive business, the passenger ground transportation industry. Remember…They are transporting special cargo. You! Word of mouth, check out online reviews, check their rating with the Better Business Bureau, www.bbb.org, and go online and check their safety rating through FMCSA website, https://safer.fmcsa.dot.gov/. Just to name a few.
  2. Have a Guest Count – So there are no hurt feelings, make sure you request the right sized vehicle to accommodate your group, plus stay within your budget.
  3. Check Availability – Depending on time of year, make sure the vehicle is available on the date of your event.  The busiest times of year are normally August – October.  You may want to take advantage of pricing during the slower times, like January and February.  Many specials and discounts are offered during this time.
  4. Create a General Itinerary – Have an initial plan when starting out your day (you don’t want to waste time thinking of where to go during your rental period). That plan can change and go in different directions, that is the fun of it!  Plus, a good, experienced chauffeur is a wealth of knowledge of where some great places are around town.
  5. Request to see the Party Bus in Person – It is so important to request to physically go to their location and see the party bus.  You do not want to be disappointed when the vehicle on the website does not match the vehicle that is leaking on your driveway.
  6. Make Sure you Understand the Cost – Make sure you understand if overtime is billed every quarter hour or by the hour,  if additional charge for WIFI, streaming capabilities and , sound system, (to stream your amazing playlist, that will help keep the party going), damage/clean up fees, is the tip included in the price, is there a minimum number of hours.
  7. Get everything in writing – Not only make sure you receive that confirmation, but be sure to review and ask any questions you may not understand.
  8. Understand what you Can and Can’t bring into the vehicle and/or what is provided – So there is not a lack of communication, which can be costly.  Confirm what is included. As long as everyone in the group is 21 and older, can we bring our own beverages, does the company supply a cooler with ice and water. What type of food can we bring?  You definitely do not want to get hit with a clean up fee, due to bringing Sticky Honey BBQ Wings!

Renting a party bus is the perfect way to make sure everyone has fun and stays safe for your nights out or big events. Take time to pick a reputable company and investigate all the details so you know what you’re getting. Call us now to ensure you have a party bus ready for your next big event.