Shuttle Service Program For Your Valued Employees

Lynn’s Thought for the Week

Shuttle Service for Your Valued Employees

Five Reasons it is Good for Business

  1. Employees may feel more relaxed.
    Employees can get a jump start to their day, check their email, or just sitting back and enjoy that first cup of coffee.
  2. Great perks and options for employees.
    Provide transportation cost savings for employees.
  3. Could impove recruitment and retention efforts.
    Support a reasonable work-life balance by providing great options for your employees.  A shuttle program may help attract more new hires and reduce turnover. May improve work environment as well as overall morale.
  4. May provide cost savings for company.
    May be more cost effective to provide a shuttle, than buying more land for parking lots and/or parking garages.Take advantage of tax credits that may be offered for commuter programs.
  5. Going green helps everybody!
    Encouraging your employees to ride share and join the company shuttle greatly reduces your company’s carbon footprint. Fewer vehicles on the road is a good move for your company, your employees, and your community.

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